From a sole proprietor formed in 1975, we have grown into a leading manufacturer of top quality beverage within the South East Asia’s region.

After several decades of diligent management assisted by accomplished professionals, Orange Crush (M) Sdn Bhd incorporated in 1982, has managed to establish itself as an industry leader offering natural good taste with nutritious benefits for healthy lifestyle.

Ranges of Juice Drink Base, Fruit Squash, Flavoured Cordial & Ready To Drink Fruit Juice in Chilled delivered through our efficient automated production processes were able to satisfy the increasing market need for sustainable eco-friendly communities.

With the implementation of strategic measures to source our raw material, strict quality assurance and well equipped warehousing, we were also able to ensure consistent quality with competitive pricing for our products.

Meanwhile, our best selling Fresgo Blackcurrant and Cranberries brands secured through International collaboration with New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-op remain promising for higher sales volume

In future, our company is dedicated to improve on this tradition and further pursue on other enduring innovations for world class excellence values.


我们Orange Crush成立于1975年,在1982年正式注册为ORANGE CRUSH (M) SDN BHD。本 公司为了有效扩充业务,多年来聘请专才管理和积极开拓市场,现今已经成为东南亚区 域内首屈一指的天然饮料供应商。

本公司的果汁饮料系列,从浓缩果汁、香料饮品、冷藏果汁和即饮果汁,都是通过自动 化过程生产,以推出适合市场的产品,顺应顾客对自然与环保饮料的需求。

通过严谨的品质监控,我们的生产原料的品质获得保证,并设有完善的仓库设备,以确 保我们的产品具有价格竞争的优势。

而我们最畅销的“FRESGO” 纽西兰-黑加仑子汁,获得纽西兰黑加仑合作社(NZBC)的 配合,采取最严厉验证,以确保饮料品质获得保证。

在未来日子里,我们除了继续推广现有的产品有“FRESGO”浓缩果汁、“RED KANGAROO”香料饮品和“SUNDRIN”即饮饮品,到东南亚各国、非洲、中东、印度及孟 加拉等国家,也致力于提升生产效率和品质,给顾客享用原味天然的果汁。